Industrial Equipment Supply in Winnipeg

ABCO Supply & Service Ltd was founded in 1972 in Winnipeg, Manitoba by Bill Atkinson, Gerry Stone, Ernie Klohn, and John Schroth all of whom had broken away from Winnipeg Supply. It was through their foresight, determination, hard work and dedication that the groundwork was set in motion to establish the successful company that we are today.

We are recognized as one of the most respected and successful privately held multi-trade contracting and service companies in Western Canada. ABCO operates in all major economic sectors including commercial, industrial and institutional.  Our expertise encompasses, electrical, process piping, Millwrighting, plumbing, heating, gas fitting, refrigeration, air conditioning, controls, instrumentation and many other related construction services.


  • 2011 - Relocated to our present office at 1346 Spruce St.

    With our continued growth, we found it necessary to expand our facilities so we relocated to our present office at 1346 Spruce St. in 2011 thereby tripling our previous office/shop space
  • 2000 - New fabrication facility constructed at 1365 Spruce St

    In the year of 2000, we found it necessary to have a new fabrication facility constructed to meeting our expanding needs at 1365 Spruce St, the property also includes an outdoor storage compound.
  • 1986 - Expanded with a second storey

    The original building was expanded with a second storey for the office in August 1986
  • 1974 - Purchased a single story building at 1244 Border St

    ABCO Started out in 1972 at 856 Century in a rented space and then purchased a single story building at 1244 Border St in 1974.

ABCO Supply & Service Ltd. founded in 1972