Data Center Expansion

We firmly believe that prioritizing workplace safety is not only a core value but a critical factor contributing to organizational efficiency, competitiveness, and long-term stability.

Information About the Project


Diageo – Substation Upgrade


Manitoba Metis Federation, Winnipeg Manitoba

Scope of Work

  • Installation of new Data Room Environmental Units, new Generator Ventilation Control System.
  • Installation of new Electrical Emergency Power Systems:
    225 kVA UPS/battery cabinets
    400 amp maintenance bypass switches
    400 amp static transfer switches
    400 amp PDU/Liebert Condensers
    600 amp distribution panels
    60 data racks & bus duct system.
  • Network all equipment with Site Scan.
  • Supply and install all civil work including a computer raised floor & new walls and renovations.

Completion Date

Jan 1, 2021


Prime Contractor


Manitoba Metis Federation, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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