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    Data Center Expansion.



    Project: Data Center Expansion.
    Client: Manitoba Metis Federation, Winnipeg Manitoba.
    Scope of Work: Installation of new Data Room Environmental Units, new Generator Ventilation Control System.
    Installation of new Electrical Emergency Power Systems:

    • 225 kVA UPS/battery cabinets
    • 400 amp maintenance bypass switches
    • 400 amp static transfer switches
    • 400 amp PDU/Liebert Condensers
    • 600 amp distribution panels
    • 60 data racks & bus duct system.

    Network all equipment with Site Scan.
    Supply and install all civil work including a computer raised floor & new walls and renovations.

    Year: 2017
    Prime/Subcontractor: Prime Contractor
    Location: Manitoba Metis Federation, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    Centennial Flame Monument Refurbishment



    Project: Centennial Flame Monument Refurbishment
    Scope of Work: New Gas piping, new gas controls, rebuild burner head assembly, install bollard posts.
    Year: 2017
    Prime/Subcontractor: Prime Contractor
    Location: Memorial Blvd at Memorial Park, Winnipeg, MB