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HVAC & Additional Services in the Winnipeg area

ABCO Supply & Service Ltd. provides comprehensive heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) services in Winnipeg. Our technicians are equipped with both knowledge and equipment to provide complete electrical, mechanical, HVAC and industrial plumbing services for our commercial and industrial clients. Whenever there is a repair or maintenance issue in your worksite or if you need technicians for the installation of machines and equipment, reach out to ABCO Supply & Service.  

We cover all aspects of the following Electrical/Mechanical Trades:

Gas Fitting

Our highly skilled team of qualified A-Fitters is available for new construction, renovation, and repair/maintenance projects. Our technicians obtain the latest qualifications and been work closely with our other trades-people. We service all types of packaged and process combustion equipment. We work closely with the local inspection authority and suppliers in order to provide safe and efficient installations. We have the expertise and the relationships in place to maximize efficiency and turn your heating projects around on schedule, budget and to your satisfaction.


We provide all types of professional plumbing services including water & sewage treatment, sump pumps, water lines, water heaters, toilets, commercial and industrial installations and repairs


We provide repair, maintenance, and installation of all residential/commercial/Institutional & Industrial Gas and oil-fired boilers, radiant heating systems, Gas unit heaters and all HVAC components. We have an emergency 24-hour call line for your convenience.


We offer professional and reliable services in all aspects of commercial and industrial refrigeration. Our team of qualified licensed technicians are available for all your installation/service/repair needs. ABCO has been providing quality air conditioning, HVAC, ventilation, heating and air conditioning installation, service and repairs to our clients since 1972. From large chillers, Data center cooling, and cooling towers down to small pre-packaged units no job is too large or small for our firm.

Electrical Installations, Instrumentation & Controls

ABCO provides a complete range of electrical, instrumentation, automation, measurement, control and communications services for a broad range of clients in the; commercial, institutional, healthcare, mining, manufacturing, Hydro-electric, food industry along with the oil and gas industry. Our technicians are able to install and maintain almost any type of electrical device. We also specialize in Distribution projects involving new/renovation construction, system improvements, and complete rebuilds. Our experienced workforce is equipped and competent to work on system voltages from 4kV – 35kV. We pride ourselves on being a company that provides professional services to companies in the industry workspace. We take pride in our impeccable customer service and quality of workmanship. Our projects range from relatively small service calls to designing and building electrical systems for large-scale corporations and facilities. We take pride in our employees as they are the lifeblood of our company. Our highly trained staff makes sure the job gets done right, safely, on time, on budget and with quality being paramount.


ABCO is your dependable source for expert machine installation, modification and equipment maintenance. Our millwrights know how to work efficiently, effectively and with as little disruption to your operation as possible. No installation is too large or small for us. We offer preventative maintenance programs to ensure your equipment is kept in optimal operating condition thus minimizing breakdowns and production loss. We can custom tailor a program that suits your needs from by offering annual, bi-annual, quarterly, monthly, and one-time scheduled preventative maintenance programs. ABCO can also provide shutdown assistance for modifications and over-hauling of your production line. We work in all areas of Hydro Electric generating stations, Food industry, mining, manufacturing, aerospace, and coin processing for the Royal Canadian Mint.

Air Conditioning

ABCO has been serving the Manitoba region since 1972 and would like the opportunity to serve your Air Conditioning needs. We service and install all sizes and types of air conditioning and cooling equipment in the commercial and industrial sector. We also repair, design and install systems to meet your specific plant requirements. Our technicians are well trained, safe, and licensed to service any of your refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating equipment. We use quality manufactures & distributors to provide the equipment that meets the particular needs of each job for our customers. In doing so we are able to supply the best components and pricing to our end users.

Process Piping & Equipment Installation

ABCO is comprised of highly skilled individuals each bringing his or her own individual ideas and talents to the team. From the top down, we as a group have built our firm with a strong foundation of talent with a wide array of knowledge. Since 1972 our founders began building working relationships with engineers, vendors, manufactures and plant maintenance technicians, to provide a comprehensive package for our clients. It is through these relationships that we have evolved and grown into a company that has the ability to offer “Turn-Key” solutions for even the most diverse and complex applications. We cover all aspects of fabrication, installation, testing, and commissioning of all process components. We operate our own in-house prefabrication shop allowing us the ability to shorten schedules and provide quality control to the utmost stringent requirements. Our highly experienced management team works closely with the customer in assessing the production problems and hurtles so that we can offer the best end solution.

Our staff of experienced field technicians is skilled in the piping, rigging, and millwright trades. We specialize in many fields including mining, manufacturing, petroleum and chemical piping, Hydro-electric, mining, pharmaceutical and food grade industry. We have the skill sets required to work on steel piping, stainless steel, titanium, fiberglass and other exotic metals. Our welders are certified by CWB & ASME Code Procedures for all types of process piping and structures.

Our firm is engaged in many different aspects of the above-mentioned fields from small to large engineered jobs, design assist projects, renovation projects and offer complete building service contracts with a 24-hour on call, 365 days/ year service department.

Over time, we have had the opportunity to do work for various clients.  Our ability to work closely with the engineering and process staff of these organizations has resulted in complete customer satisfaction and has enabled us to grow in size, ability, and diversity.

Due to our experienced management and supervisory staff as well as our many affiliations with the various trade unions, we are able to guarantee that our customers get the best quality product in the most efficient manner.

Safety is our primary concern while carrying out any service and maintenance work. We have maintained a protocol and all our technicians abide by it strictly. 

To learn more about our HVAC services in Winnipeg or to book any service, contact us today.  

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