Electrical Installation and Services in Winnipeg

At ABCO Supply & Service, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality electrical installation and services in the Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We specialize in the complete installation of electrical construction services in all major sectors including Commercial and Public buildings, Healthcare, Food & Beverage Industry, in utilities such as Manitoba Hydro Electric, Pulp & Paper, Natural Gas, Oil & Gas, and Industry & Mining.

We offer installations in:

  • High, Medium & Low Voltage distribution systems
  • HV-cabling and Switchgear
  • Normal and Emergency Power Systems
  • Normal and Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Power Factor Correction Systems
  • Grounding, bonding and lightning protection
  • UPS systems
  • Fire detection systems
  • Voice call, security & video systems and Data-cabling
  • Process Instrumentation

We specialize in providing professional electrical installation services for our clients. Since we offer services for industries, we take extra precautions to ensure quality services. Our team is trained to be meticulous and pays attention to every detail. We know that even a minor error such as faulty wiring can cost you dearly. We are here to ensure proper installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in Winnipeg. Reach out to us for quality services.


Plant Shutdowns

We are also able to assist in plant shutdowns. Whether it is to compliment your workforce during shortages or provide maintenance and plant modifications, we are always looking to help.


Our Team

Our management team is constantly reviewing new procedures and techniques for electrical services in Winnipeg to implement the latest solutions and improvements to our projects.

We have been working with clients, helping them find alternative value

Engineering options while still meeting the objectives of the original design. Our experience ranges from projects with a value in excess of 10 million to small works contracts ranging between $50,000 & $1000.00.

Over the years we have built up a well-trained, committed staff and workforce, who ensure that each contract is efficiently carried out to the highest standard. We believe that the way to promote our business is through the development of good working relationships with our clients in the Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We strive to provide high-quality electrical services in installation while being on time and on budget. We endeavor to earn the trust and confidence of our clients. As a result of our excellent reputation, this has resulted in repeat business from many satisfied customers within all aspects of Mechanical, Industrial Plumbing, & HVAC trades.

Paramount to the well-being of our staff is their health and safety and as such we have a fully accredited health and safety program that meets the requirements of COR. We have a full-time safety officer who is responsible for the proper training of the workforce, keeping current on the latest safety measures for installation of electrical services and procedures. All job sites conduct weekly/daily safety meetings and are required to perform hazard assessments for all tasks.


You can view some of our past projects by clicking here.


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