Reliable Heavy Lifting Equipment Services in Winnipeg

When you require lifting services, time is always on the line. Most contractors are bound by a stipulated time frame as per the agreement. Any delays can substantially raise the cost of the project due to increased labour costs. That’s why it is important to use efficient equipment to finish the given construction job in a prompt and cost-effective manner. You can rely on ABCO Supply & Service Ltd. to deliver the right lifting equipment services at the right time. We provide a variety of industries with the highest level of service, inspections, equipment sales, installations and engineering.

Why invest in any other equipment and service providers when you can invest in a partnership with ABCO Supply & Service Ltd.?

Our Fleet of Heavy Lifting Equipment in Winnipeg

As part of our work in the mechanical, electrical, millwrighting and refrigeration construction industry, we own and operate the following equipment to facilitate our work. This provides us with better and efficient cost control, and allows us to better manage installation time for the client improving scheduling:

  • A 28Ton Boom Truck with a 92’ reach capability, the large deck area for equipment and a 2 Man Basket attachment to facilitate installations and repairs.
  • CAT Telehandler TL-1055, 10,00LBS Capacity, 55′ reach
  • Numerous trailers for moving of equipment, tooling, materials and supplies

Why Choose Our Heavy Duty Lifting Equipment Services?

Regardless of the type of construction requirement, we can provide you with heavy lifting equipment that can help you lift, haul and move any kind of objects and construction material on the job site. Our machinery can help you carry materials on the construction site efficiently, without jeopardizing the safety of your personnel. We are C.O.R certified and dedicated to working safely and efficiently. We have a safety officer present on the construction site to ensure that the men and material employed in the construction process are completely safeguarded. With our heavy-duty lifting equipment, avoid the need for scaffolding services or employing additional manpower on the construction site to haul heavy materials.

Providing High-Quality Services

When you reach out to ABCO Supply & Service Ltd., we take into account the specifics of your requirement, our experts can advise you on the most suitable lifting equipment. With our range of equipment and certified and trained drivers, you can go about all kinds of construction jobs efficiently and expediently. If you are looking for lifting equipment in Winnipeg, we’re here for you!